FOR USA: Water bubbler / cooler Storz & Bickel VOLCANO Classic Digit Hybrid System



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The final 1.0 VERSION

(final version, there is nothing more to improve)

Just connect & ready 100% perfect now

The exclusive water filter from Vapolaborium
It is the best water cooler of all, and I will be showing it in a video in the next few weeks as proof.
Suitable for all Volcano systems ( Classic – Digit – Hybrid )

Easy & crystal clear cleaning in the dishwasher.
Clear & noticeable differences!

More information on the homepage or the Youtube channel.

With the water bubbler / water attachment it is possible,
to use the Classic / Digital with a hose / whip from the Hybrid.

This makes it possible to use your Classic / Digit as a hybrid.

The Volcano must be filled manually and the adapter for whip/hose or balloon must be attached by hand.

Shipping including Track ID

Shipping costs are not the same everywhere. Differences will be refunded as a partial refund via PayPal